Hashtags have become a source of Instagram engagement that is more precise and more accurate.

Posts without hashtags usually get lost in the sea that is Instagram. Learning how to hashtag but more importantly using  the correct hashtag type could be the difference between having thousands of likes than a heartbreaking single digit like.

Below we break down the 8 important HASHTAG TYPES.

Trending hashtags.

Being in the “know” is important. Treat Instagram like the seasons….its not always summer and the sun doesn’t shine all the time therefore adjust your marketing plan depending on trends. These hashtags won’t give you results immediately but keep your posts up to date with the trend however if you use the trendy hashtag incorrectly your post will be swallowed up but if you incorporate trending and the other hashtag types below it will engage effectively.


Industry hashtags.

These hashtags are the base of the hashtag culture, without this hashtag you may be just fishing without bait. The science behind these hashtags is that the coding in Instagram will know what you want to engage with and then your explore page will light up with posts that you are interested in.


Branded hashtags.

These hashtags are extremely important as they lure specific users and in turn they create a sense of brand awareness for your page. Accordingly these hashtags can be listed in your profile bio and are exclusive to your specific store page. These hashtags offer exclusivity and clarity about your brand and the power they have when combined with the hashtag types above is powerful.


Niche hashtags

These hashtags enable you to identify yourself further in an industry that may be saturated by so much competition that failing to identify your niche will lead to drowning.  For example we used #pastry chef as our industry, the niche may be #VeganPasrtyChef. You need to stand out and make yourself understood otherwise drowning will surely follow.


Community hashtags

A sense of belonging and being part of something makes it easier to have better post engagement. This hashtag however requires more engagement from you as you are part of a community therefore it means liking posts within your community and the occasional comment.


Location hashtags.

These hashtags enable you to alert possible users that may like your post and that you are in their area. These hashtags isolate and specify your posts. They create an audience that usually want to see your posts. If you’re a business it is important to know that people love supporting businesses in their area, and are likely to scout out local events and places on instagram.

COMBINE: Location + niche + industry


Event hashtags

These hashtags are great for spreading the word about your event. They act like a beacon attracting users around you. When used properly, they can boost awareness and engagement for your event in a unique and powerful way.

EG # SuperBowl

Celebration hashtags

These hashtags are self-explanatory. They represent occasions that are occurring at the time present time. Usually they will be saturated however it’s just important to ride the wave until it slows down. They are not the same as a trend as a trends wave lasts longer.

EG #LabourDay